Classic photography in Snowdonia

Llyn Padarn Sunrise


The outdoor and mountain environments provides us with wonderful photographic opportunities. The effort required to get out an about, regardless of the weather, is often rewarded with atmospheric and stunning images. This two day workshop is designed so that you learn more about using your camera whilst enjoying some of the wonderful classic photography locations in Snowdonia. This workshop will spend time in the lower mountain environment of Snowdonia, photographing from relatively easily accessed venues.

Technical aspects of camera use and visual creativity are aspects of photography that often let us down or leave us unsatisfied with our results. This workshop is aimed at over coming those weaknesses to give us a more fulfilling photographic experience.

The workshop will be run by Andy Teasdale in Snowdonia. Andy is an IFMGA certified International Mountain Guide as well as being a passionate and award winning photographer.

Objectives of the workshop.

  1. Have a better understanding of your camera, especially beyond the “auto” settings.
  2. Have some ideas on how to plan an outdoor photography day so as to be in the right place at the right time.
  3. Gain a better understanding of composition and light so as to create visually stunning images.
  4. Know how to prepare equipment for a day out in the outdoor environment, carry it efficiently and look after it.
  5. Visit some wonderful mountain and valley locations.
  6. Look at a simple workflow so you can store, record and edit your work. A set of simple guidelines should allow you to get the most out of your images regardless of which editing or library programme you use.

Depending on the weather, time of year and forecasts we may start early or finish late to maximise photographic opportunities. If the Snowdonia venues are “out” due to weather conditions, then we will use rivers, lakes, woodland and coastal areas to maximise our photographic learning. There is such a wealth of classic photography in Snowdonia and North Wales, that we will not struggle to keep busy.


The costs are detailed below and vary depending on the season. Each workshop will run with a  maximum of 4 people. The cost covers single room bed and breakfast charges in the Royal Victoria  Hotel, Llanberis. It is a well situated hotel on the edge of town and within walking distance of some wonderful photographic venues. It also covers the cost of Andy Teasdale for the two days and any transport during the workshop. Lunches and evening meals are in addition to these costs and allow for flexibility in where and what we eat.

 You need.

Equipment as detailed in the kit list. This is available on request in advance or on booking.

We will meet for an initial chat at a convenient time during the evening before the workshop starts or early on the first day.

To make a booking, please contact Andy Teasdale at or fill in the following enquiry form with your preferred workshop and dates. Andy Teasdale will get back to you with further details and a booking form.

Dates and prices.

I am available during the year to organise courses for dates outside of the ones listed below. This would allow courses to run during the week, or even at very short notice. This would suit friends or clubs who can put together a group of three or four people to attend.

18-19 February 2017     £325.00

21-22 October 2017      £325.00

4-5 November 2017      £325.00